Review Booklet

After the show, you can be sure your students have followed along by giving them the show’s coloring booklet. Each page contains a picture and a fill-in question that reviews key concepts presented on stage.

Download the booklet now

The booklet is designed to be printed 2-sided on standard US letter paper. If you have a duplex printer, just print it 2-sided and fold it in half. If you don’t have duplex capability, print odd pages and then flip the paper and reinsert it to print the even pages.

Draw your own machines

drawing_sheetNow that the students have seen someone else’s giant machine, it’s time for them all to become inventors themselves. Drawings can be submitted on this sheet by email or postal mail. Some will be selected to appear on this web site in the Kids Corner.

Download the drawing sheet now

We look forward to seeing how creative you can be.